API Console

What is API Console?

The API Console (aka I/O Docs) is an interactive tool that enables you to interact with the Edmunds API without writing a single line of code! Discover, learn, test and debug live API calls within seconds. For more details on authentication, method references and special requirements, please see the API Documentation section. You must be signed in before using this tool. If you already have an account, you can sign in, otherwise, please register now.

The Dealer API provides information about automotive dealerships associated with a given criteria like zipcode, vehicle make or Style ID amongst other things.

Edmunds.com's editorial content from Editor Reviews to vehicle-specific articles. PLEASE READ THE SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS NEEDED TO USE THIS DATA http://developer.edmunds.com/api-documentation/editorial/#sec-3

The Inventory API provides information about a specific vehicle on a dealer's lot whose VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) matches the supplied VIN in the API call. If the VIN supplied doesn't match a vehicle in our inventory database, we will return an empty response.

The Vehicle API is made up of five distinct datasets: Vehicle Media (Photos, videos and multimedia files), Vehicle Pricing (Edmunds.com TMV, TCO and incentives & rebates data), Vehicle Reviews (Consumer-generated vehicle ratings and reviews), Vehicle Service (Maintenance and recall data), Vehicle Specs (All related vehicle data from make, model, years specs to VIN decoding)

Manually provide key information

  • Dealership Details

  • Franchise Details

  • Repairshop Details

  • Dealership Ratings and Reviews

  • Editorial Content

  • Search Inventory Listings

  • Get Inventory Item by VIN

  • Spec: Vehicle Make

  • Spec: Vehicle Model

  • Spec: Vehicle Model Year

  • Spec: Vehicle Style

  • Spec: Vehicle Colors and Options

  • Spec: Vehicle Engine & Transmission

  • Spec: Vehicle Equipment

  • Spec: Vehicle SquishVINs

  • Spec: Vehicle Configuration

  • Spec: VIN Decoding

  • Media: Vehicle Photo

  • Pricing: True Cost to Own® (TCO®)

  • Pricing: True Market Value® (TMV®)

  • Pricing: Incentives and Rebates

  • Content: Edmunds Car Ratings

  • Content: Vehicle Ratings and Reviews

  • Service: Vehicle Maintenance

  • Service: Vehicle Recalls

  • Service: Vehicle Service Bulletin

  • Service: Vehicle Notes

  • Service: Local Labor Rate